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    Problem programming the BCM920737TAG



      I have a problem programming my BCM920737TAG.


      When i programming my board this is the result:


      I have used a different USB lead to rule this out.

      Also i am able to receive the debug data back when i go into debug mode and switch number 2 off on sw4.


      When programming, all the switches are in the on position in sw4. I press the restart button on the board before trying to program and make sure i am not in debug mode.


      I have uninstalled the WICED SDK and re downloaded it and installed it but was no luck.


      I also have a second board which i tried it on and have the same problem. I do not believe it to be a hardware issue or programming sequence.

      I believe it could be something to do with a driver or the wiced IDE.


      I have also had a good at doing a reboot but this does not work either.


      Any information would be great.