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    Sending 200 bytes, 20 bytes at a time in BLE ???

      I'm trying to send 200 bytes, by doing it 20 bytes at a time.  My questions is "How do I know it's OK to send the next 20 bytes?".


      Here's what I'm doing.  Is this correct?


      #define   ACCEL_DATA_SIZE      200


      // Loaded with data in the Accelerometer interrupt

      UINT8  accel_data[ACCEL_DATA_SIZE];


      UINT8 i = 0;


      while (i < ACCEL_DATA_SIZE) // Keep trying until all samples have been transmitted


            if (blecm_getAvailableTxBuffers() > 0) // Only send if TX buffers available


                 bleprofile_sendNotification(HDLC_LOOPD_SERVICE_ACCEL_DATA_VALUE, (accel_data + i), 20);

                 i += 20;





      But for some reason, the device just drops the connection in the middle of the transmission.


      Is using "blecm_getAvailableTxBuffers() " the right thing?  OR do I have to check or do something else?