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    How to scan non-connectable BLE devices ?

      I use such call

      wiced_bt_ble_scan( BTM_BLE_SCAN_TYPE_HIGH_DUTY, WICED_FALSE, ble_scan_results_cb );

      to scan beacons and print info in callback:


      static void ble_scan_results_cb( wiced_bt_ble_scan_results_t* p_scan_result, uint8_t* p_adv_data ) {
          int result;
          WPRINT_APP_INFO(("[App] Scan Result\n"));
          if ( p_scan_result != NULL ) {
              WPRINT_APP_INFO(("[App] address:%x %x %x %x %x %x rssi:%d bdaddrtype:%d event_type:%x\n",
                               p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[0], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[1], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[2],
                               p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[3], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[4], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[5],
                               p_scan_result->rssi, p_scan_result->ble_addr_type, p_scan_result->ble_evt_type));
          } else {
              WPRINT_APP_INFO(("[App] No results\n"));
              WPRINT_APP_INFO(("[App] scanning again\n"));


      But I can only get connect-able BLE device advertisment (ble_evt_type 0 and 4) instead of non-connectable BLE devices advertisment (tags, beacons..)

      Any idea of possible missing parameter ?


      Tested on SDK 3.5.1. 43438 based BT chip.

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