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    SDK 3.1.2 wiced_tcp_connect() error code 64449

      Using SDK 3.1.2 and NetX stack.  Calling wiced_tcp_connect() and getting an error returned of 64449 when trying to make TLS connection with user side certs loaded and advanced context.  I am unable to find any reference to this return value in decimal or hex as an error code so I am lost as to what it means.  After tracing it out, it appears to come from the ssl_handshake_client_async() function call.  I am looking for anything that I may have broken in my code but thus far not seeing anything.  I was working in totally different section of the project and those edits should not impact this code, unless this is a corruption or memory related, so I am confused as to why I am seeing this error when before it was okay. 


      Is there a list of error codes that I am not seeing or finding when I search the SDK?  Where are the return codes for these ssl functions documented?  I have seen other similar error codes but never captured them.  Right now error 64449 is the one I am seeing and I need more information to debug this.  What does this 64449 mean?   And for future reference, can somebody document other potential return codes in case I end up seeing something else during my debugging efforts.