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    CY8CKIT-062-BLE programs and then nothing.  HW IO pin to LED doesn't even light.


      Has anyone seen this?  I've been using the PSoC 5LP for a few years now, but I can't get this PSoC 6 dev kit to do anything.


      I have two PCoC 6 BLE Pioneer kits (CY8CKIT-062-BLE revB) that both behave exactly the same way.  I can't get any of the example programs, or my own program, to work at all.  The onboard KitProg says it programmed the PSoC6 (amber and green LEDs are on), but then nothing happens.  Bus voltages look good (3.3V). 


      I tried to do the simplest thing possible, so I started a new project, targeting this board, with a blank schematic.  I added 3 IO pins (one for each color of the RGB LED), confirmed they are set to string-drive, and tied them to logic-low.  Nothing lights up.  The IO pins are floating.  CM0_Main and CM4_Main are default/empty.


      Could it be stuck in reset?  The reset pin on the button on the board is acting correctly (pulled-up, goes low when pressed).


      I'm stumped.