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    ADC with DMA (Solved)



      I'm an student from Denmark, studying power engineering, so this is not exactly my domain, but I hope some of you guys(and girls ) can help me.


      I'm just getting around making some templates for PSoC Creator using a 'PSoC 5LP CY8C5888LT*-LP097'.

      But It seems I'm stuck at the tamplete about ADC with DMA.

      My thought was makeing a tamplete with a ADC Delta Sigma, where it automaticly moves the read value to a variable, which can be used in the code.

      I also use a UART to debug, but as fair as I can see, the 'Debug' function, shows the same result. I usually use the UART, since I haven't used the 'Debug' function and I'm still getting use to it.


      I've tried to document my every decision by commenting in the code , but there's still some thinks I still don't understand, which might as well, be the error. It's mainly if I have found the right registers, and use them correctly. And if the variable refrance should be *&RawValue* as seen in an example or just *RawValue*.


      I've tried been trying some time, where I ether get *0* or something like *9600000 to 6319200000* (not the actually values) where it actually follows the input voltage, that should be read.


      I hope there's someone smater then me, who wants to help



      Best regards.



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          To transfer data from DelSig-ADC to RAM, you can refer to this demo project

          Re: DeltaSigma, DMA write into Array and wrong results


          And consider your variable as array of size 1.


          Please note that transferring to a single variable by DMA is uncommon, as it usually gives no advantages over direct reading of the ADC result.



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            Thank you. I played around with a STM32 and found that only arrays works. As you said; set the array size to one when.


            I know it might not be faster, I just wanted to play aroundt with it. I'll probably make the templete to an array. I just tought the first step to understand it, was using a single variable, then make an array with it.


            Thanks again!