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    FX3 issue with multiples of the USB packet size.




      I have an FX3 with a U2P DMA bulk channel with 2 buffers (16KB) each. The FX3 is used as a bridge between the host (PC) and an FPGA.


      For this test, I'm sending packets of 2KB and I would like the FX3 to forward the data to the FPGA as soon as this packet arrives (it may take some time until a new packet arrives). However, I see that I need to fill the buffer (send 8 packets) before any data is moved to the FPGA.


      I'm using usblib as the driver for the USB interface, and I'm wondering if there is anything at the FX3 side to achieve this functionality. It seems that with non-multiples of the packet size (1KB) this does not happen.


      Any suggestion is welcome.


      Kind regards