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    UDB I2S loopback programming


      Hi all,


      PSoC6, which is already using one I2S, was requested to have another I2S. Fortunately, I was able to find a KBA “Import UDB-based I2S Component in a PSoC 6 MCU Project (PSoC Creator) – KBA229971” that showed how I2S could be represented in UDB. However, when I tried to implement it on PSoC Creator, I noticed that there was no CE for PSoC 6. I discussed in I2S using UDB.

      It didn't work at first, but I finally created a program that works on PSoC 6, so I post it here.


      The environment used is as follows:

      PSoC Creator 4.4


      ・I2S format: 24bit 2word 1bitDelay