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    CYBT-423028 Eval Board not detecting




      I am using CYBT-423028 eval board, and it was functioning properly, but now while flashing code from WICED Studio 6.4 i am getting message as board is not detected.

      The only change i did is changed the system, switched from Desktop to laptop. there was no issue while working on Desktop. i have updated the platform files as mentioned in KBA 228518 and KBA223637 after installation WICED Studio 6.4 on laptop.

      When i checked it on Desktop again, On desktop also started facing same issue. Tried disconnecting and connecting  USB cable on desktop then one of the board got detected and i could  able to flash the code (No success with other boards), but same board is not detecting on Laptop.


      Following is the Screen shot of device manager. its saying USB to Serial driver is not installed. Is this a reason for not detection of board ?