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    Wi-Fi doesn't boot when snapping off the KitProg3 module




      I am running a Wi-Fi application on the PSoC6 Wi-Fi BT ProtoTypeing Kit (CY8CPROTO_062_4343W).


      I am trying to power it externally using VTARG + GND at 3.3V. However, the power supply connected to these pins also backfeeds into the KitProg3, using lots of energy.


      I snapped off the KitProg3 and can program just fine by supplying VTARG as noted in the user guide.


      The board boots and I can talk to it through my UART interface when powering externally with no KitProg3 connected.


      HOWEVER, the Wi-Fi will not initialize and it doesn't return an error.


      Here is the init code. I am using mbed-os, and a grab the default instance, and then do a dummy connect to get the MAC.


      When I power from USB via KitProg3 I see this (this is the expected behavior, seeing the "WLAN..."  messages):


      And when I power it through VTARG with 3V3, I see this, where the interface does not initialize (note the absence of "WLAN..." messages):



      Once I break off the KitProg3, is there any other mod that needs to be done? The User Guide clearly explains you need to power Vtarg on the board externally, which I do (with capacity to 300mA!), but the WiFi doesn't seem to power on.