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    FX3 Dev board: Boot from SPI (flash) ?



      Using the *FX3 dev board*, is there a recomended mechanism to boot from SPI/flash?

      -- We have SPI/flash wired to the dev board, but the PMODE only allows I2C or USB boot.


      I need to test some prod SPI boot/code, and was thinking of using the 2nd stage bootloader to do so. We don't really want to unsolder any PMODE pins on the dev board....




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          As per my understanding, by "FX3 dev board", you are referring to the SuperSpeed Explorer kit (CYUSB3KIT-003). If yes, then as you mentioned, this kit does not have a boot from flash feature (it neither has an SPI flash on board nor PMODE setting). However, if you have connected an external flash to the kit, then it is possible to test boot from the flash by using the second stage bootloader. For this, do the following:

          1. Load the required firmware into flash.

          2. Connect the flash to the explorer kit.

          3. Uncomment the following line in main.c file of Fx3BootAppGcc project available with FX3 SDK

          #define SPI_BOOT

          4. Build the Fx3BootAppGcc project and load into FX3's RAM using control center.


          This will load the firmware image that was stored in the SPI flash in the step 1. While doing so, please ensure that the application firmware does not use SPI lines for communicating with any peripheral other than the SPI flash. This might cause corruption of data in the flash.


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