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    trying to add wiced_https_get into ble_proximity_reporter

      I have an application that needs to work on both ble and wifi.

      I am using the ble_proximity_reporter as my main project and wanted to add the wifi "snips" to it.

      I was able to add the wifi periodic scan without any problems. I did this by basically copy and pasting the code from scan.c into ble_proximity_reporter.c

      However when I try to do the same thing for https_client, I get the following link error :


      Bluetooth_Low_Energy_Proximity_Reporter_Application.a(ble_proximity_reporter.o): In function `application_start':

      /Applications/WICED/WICED-SDK-3.3.1/apps/snip/bluetooth/ble_proximity_reporter/ble_proximity_reporter.c:191: undefined reference to `wiced_https_get'

      make[1]: *** [build/snip_bluetooth_ble_proximity_reporter-BCM943341WCD1/binary/snip_bluetooth_ble_proximity_reporter-BCM943341WCD1.elf] Error 1


      I looked through the https_client.mk file and found

      $(NAME)_COMPONENTS := protocols/HTTP

      So I added that to ble_proximity_reporter.mk

      $(NAME)_COMPONENTS := libraries/drivers/bluetooth \


      .. but looks like that's just used to find the location of the http.h header file.


      I guess I must be missing some library definition, but I can't figure out where.


      I see it here WICED-SDK-3.3.1/build/snip_bluetooth_ble_proximity_reporter-BCM943341WCD1


      grep wiced_https_get ./libraries/Bluetooth_Low_Energy_Proximity_Reporter_Application.a

      Binary file ./libraries/Bluetooth_Low_Energy_Proximity_Reporter_Application.a matches