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    Audio gateway with Airpods HFP



      I am using WICED SDK 6.4 on 20706 based module, integrated Audio Gateway based on the hci_audio_gateway demo app. When testing with Airpods, I see SCO session is terminated whenever user takes out the non-default earbud (headset). It appears this device has an implicit "default" earbud (of the pair in Airpods) where the SCO (and RING) is delivered. When user takes out the other (non-default) earbud first from the charging case, on the Audio Gateway we are seeing a break in SCO, with the event BTM_SCO_DISCONNECTED_EVT. As long as user takes out the "default" earbud first from the charging case, the connection stays and HFP works fine.

      Any clue what may be going on here? Is there a recommendation to interface with such headsets of wireless earbuds?