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    PSoC6 BLE DRO for Mills and Lathe machines


      Hello all,


      The project from the below GitHub link shows how to design a Digital Read Out (DRO) (used in the Mills/Lathe machines) using a PSoC 6 BLE device. A DRO is simply a digital reading of the scale along the axis in the mill or lathe. Usually, it is the X-, Y- and Z- axis for a milling machine, and X- and Z- axis for lathes. Linear encoders which output the position of the scale can be fixed on the axes of these machines and can be connected to a DRO. This PSoC 6 BLE DRO measures the position of all the three axes and sends the data over BLE to an Android App.


      Schematic Diagram:


      Hardware Required: CY8CKIT-062-BLE PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit

      Software Required: PSoC Creator 4.3


      PSoC Creator project, Android App and project datasheet are attached in the below GitHub page.

      GitHub link: PSoC6 BLE DRO for Mills and Lathe machines




      P Yugandhar.