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    Power Consumption of the WiFi chip only


      I know that you describe how to measure the power consumption of the WiCED module, e.g. in (WICED™ Development System (HW User Guide) . However, it seems to me that the method described there measures the current of MCU + WiFi chip. Is there a way to measure the current consumption of the WiFi chip, e.g.; BCM943362 only?

      In this AN WICED™ Development System, Powersave Application Note , you seem to have done something similar (pg.14), but I did not see where you probed on the WiCED EVB / what you did on the HW to get these measurements.

      Can someone provide some pointers on what needs to be done to isolate the power consumption measurement of the WiFi chip? I need this for a comparative analysis.

      Thanks for your help!