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    Google Fast Pairing Advertise Data not changing




      In the hello_sensor application, the Advertise Data and Scan Response data was set using:

      wiced_bt_ble_set_raw_advertisement_data(num_elem, adv_elem) && wiced_bt_ble_set_raw_scan_response_data(scan_response_num_elem, adv_elem) APIs.


      I was able to do this fine, and added a 128bitUUID by doing something like the following.

      adv_elem[num_elem].advert_type  = BTM_BLE_ADVERT_TYPE_128SRV_COMPLETE;

          adv_elem[num_elem].len          = LEN_UUID_128;

          adv_elem[num_elem].p_data       = hello_service_uuid;


      wiced_bt_ble_set_raw_advertisement_data(num_elem, adv_elem);




      adv_elem[scan_response_num_elem].advert_type  = BTM_BLE_ADVERT_TYPE_NAME_COMPLETE;

               adv_elem[scan_response_num_elem].len          =  advertisingNameLength;

              adv_elem[scan_response_num_elem].p_data       =  (uint8_t *)fullDeviceName;


          wiced_bt_ble_set_raw_scan_response_data(scan_response_num_elem, adv_elem);




      In another project ( Audio headset ), the advertisement is handled through the wiced_bt_gfps ( google fast pairing service).

      When I try to set the advertising data in a similar way, it does not seem to work.  Device name seems to be the only thing I can add.  I do not see any API for setting Scan Response data in the wiced_bt_gfps APIs either. Below is a quick code snippet just to show what I was trying.



      headset_control_le_adv_elem[num_elem].advert_type    = BTM_BLE_ADVERT_TYPE_NAME_COMPLETE;

          headset_control_le_adv_elem[num_elem].len            = dev_name_len;

          headset_control_le_adv_elem[num_elem].p_data         = (uint8_t *) p_headset_control_le_dev_name;




          uint8_t test[2] = {0xAA, 0xBB} ;

          headset_control_le_adv_elem[num_elem].advert_type  = BTM_BLE_ADVERT_TYPE_16SRV_COMPLETE;

          headset_control_le_adv_elem[num_elem].len          = 2;

          headset_control_le_adv_elem[num_elem].p_data       = test;




          fastpair_conf.appended_adv_data.p_elem      = &headset_control_le_adv_elem;

          fastpair_conf.appended_adv_data.elem_num    = num_elem;



          /* Initialize Google Fast Pair Service. */

          if (wiced_bt_gfps_provider_init(&fastpair_conf) == WICED_FALSE)


              WICED_BT_TRACE("wiced_bt_gfps_provider_init fail\n");





      1.  Does google fast pair service support changing of the advertising data?

      2.  Does google fast pair service support scan response packets?

      3.  If yes to either, is there a place where I have missed these APIs that anyone knows of?

      4.  For google fast pair service, I did not see a "start advertising" API.  Is this the API which starts google fast pairing service advertising: wiced_bt_gfps_provider_init(&fastpair_conf) ? 

      5.  Is there a corresponding way to stop advertising the google fast pair service?