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    unable to start debugger

      followed the quick start guide.


      renamed my working make target from "snip.bluetooth.ble_proximity_reporter-BCM943341WCD1 download run" to "snip.bluetooth.ble_proximity_reporter-BCM943341WCD1-debug download"


      clicked "snip.bluetooth.ble_proximity_reporter-BCM943341WCD1-debug download" and am able to see app build and download on console:




                                        |         |  Static |

                    Module              |  Flash  |   RAM   |




      TOTAL (bytes)                     |  657236 |   53084 |



      Downloading Bootloader ...

      No changes detected

      Download complete


      Downloading DCT ...

      No changes detected

      Download complete


      Downloading Application ...

      No changes detected

      Download complete


      Build complete

      Making .gdbinit



      However when I click the green bug icon I get the following prompt :

      The selection cannot be launched, and there are no recent launches.

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          I am using WICED-SDK 3.5.2 and a BCM4343W iot starter kit. I have followed instructions from Creating and/or Editing Debug Configurations and still have some issues.



          Error log:


          7:06:12 **** Incremental Build of configuration Default for project WICED-SDK ****

          "C:\\Users\\pihlungpang\\Documents\\WICED\\WICED-SDK-3.5.2\\WICED-SDK\\make.exe" Default

          MAKEFILE MAKECMDGOALS=Default OTA2_SUPPORT is disabled

          Making config file for first time

          tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk:224: *** Unknown component: Default.  Stop.

          make: *** No rule to make target 'build/Default/config.mk', needed by 'main_app'.  Stop.


          17:06:14 Build Finished (took 1s.969ms)


          But "build/Default" directory doesn’t exist!


          Here is the line in bold that should cause the trouble "tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk:224:"


          # Check if there are any unknown components; output error if so.

          $(foreach comp, $(COMPONENTS), $(if $(wildcard $(foreach dir, $(addprefix $(SOURCE_ROOT),$(COMPONENT_DIRECTORIES)), $(dir)/$(subst .,/,$(comp)) ) ),,$(error Unknown component: $(comp))))





          I tried to run the gdb and gdb --version from command terminal and it start up without any problems!


          Would prefer to get WICED/Eclipse GUI to work but otherwise what will it take to run gdb from command line?