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    Confirmation of how OTAs are handled


      Since the following error occurred when the program was started, the problem has been resolved by taking the action described in [1].


        ************************************************** **

        ** ERROR: WLAN: could not download clm_blob file

        ** FATAL ERROR: system unusable, CLM blob file not found or corrupted.

        ************************************************** **



      [1]Details of support

         When the Wi-Fi FW was updated, an error occurred due to an inconsistency between the placement of memory sectors managed by the application and the placement of external Flash.


        "RESOURCES_LOCATION ? = RESOURCES_IN_WICEDFS", the external Flash could not be updated, which resulted in the inconsistency.

         Changed the setting to "RESOURCES_LOCATION ? = By changing the configuration to "RESOURCES_IN_DIRECT_RESOURCES", the error will not occur.

         Because the build error occurred when the above settings were changed, added the following settings so that the LUT can be written to the external Flash.





         download: $(STRIPPED_LINK_OUTPUT_FILE) display_map_summary download_bootloader $(if $(findstring no_dct,$(MAKECMDGOALS)),,download_dct) APPS_LUT_DOWNLOAD


         #download: $(STRIPPED_LINK_OUTPUT_FILE) display_map_summary download_bootloader $(if $(findstring no_dct,$(MAKECMDGOALS)),,download_dct)





      [2] Confirmation

         There is a confirmation of the behavior when the software with "RESOURCES_IN_DIRECT_RESOURCES" is updated against the module with "RESOURCES_IN_WICEDFS" set.

         It works with the current configuration, but I'm not sure how WICED affects it, so I'm asking.


      1. If you set "RESOURCES_IN_DIRECT_RESOURCES", the filesystem will be included in the application and no inconsistency will occur?


      2. Update "RESOURCES_IN_DIRECT_RESOURCES" software to "RESOURCES_IN_WICEDFS" module.

        If I update the software again in this state, is it correct that "FR_APP" will not be destroyed when updating to APP0 because the LUT of the external flash will not be changed?

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          1. If you set "RESOURCES_IN_DIRECT_RESOURCES", the filesystem will be included in the application and no inconsistency will occur?

          --> Re: How can I flash the wifi firmware at a certain address on the internal flash ? This thread should give you a fair idea and there should be no issues. Again, the best way of being sure is by testing this out with your application.

          2. If it is set as RESOURCES_IN_DIRECT_RESOURCES, I don't think the FR_APP and the DCT image will get downloaded since these are programmed to go to the external flash and I think there will be a build/download error.

          Now if you download the FR_APP once when you have set RESOURCES_IN_WICEDFS and ensure that you don't meddle with the location as to where the FR_APP has downloaded, It should remain there itself. The content of the FR_APP has nothing to do with the LUT as the latter just points to where the FR_APP is there.



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            Thanks for the answer.


            Updated with firmware created with "RESOURCES_LOCATION ?= RESOURCES_IN_DIRECT_RESOURCES" for the environment built with "RESOURCES_LOCATION?= RESOURCES_IN_WICEDFS"

              At this time, there is a difference in the placement of external Flash, but the filesystem is included in the application and therefore there is no error due to inconsistency, is it correct to recognize this?



            I am aware that the LUT refers to the location where the downloaded firmware is saved when writing to APP0.

              In this case, even if there is a difference in the arrangement of the external Flash as described above, won't the destruction of other data by writing to AAP0 occur?

              Also, reading FR_APP will not be a problem?