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    CY7C65215A SPI CDC mode


      Hi, I have tried to execute the SPI VCP/CDC but it stops at "CySpiReadWrite_VCP" with a time-out error.


      There is already an entry in the community, which seems to deal with the same/similar issue (CY7C65211A SPI access ).


      What have I done:

      1. I am using the CYUSBS236 USB DVK BOARD

      2. I replaced the CY7C65215 with the CY7C64215A

      3. I have checked the functionality using the "TestUtility" -> I2C/SPI -> OK

      4. I have started with the I2C example delivered with the driver SDK --> OK

      5. I tried to use the SPI example --> FAIL


      Any advice on what could be done to get at least the example working?



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          I have tested the functionality without any issues.


          Can you please let me know if you have modified the application?


          Also, please make sure that the below conditions are met:

          1. SCB is configured to SPI CDC Master and the COM port is enumerated in the device manager.

          2. COM port is bound to USB-Serial Port Driver and not USB-Serial Device Driver

          3. Proper jumper settings are made on the DVK,  as per Figure 3-36. SCB SPI Jumpers in CYUSBS236 Kit guide

          4. The correct COM port number is passed as input to the application.