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    problem with row in capsense matrix


      i'm playing with the capsense function of PSOC 4 pioneer kit. i'm using the matrix widget to control the LED.

      the collumns work fine but the second i try to use rows nothing happens. i dont know how or why it doesnt work?

      i tried CapSense_CheckIsSensorActive(CapSense_SENSOR_MATRIXBUTTON0_ROW0__MB) but this does nothing


      so the question is how do i use the rows of the matrix?

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          Hi ,


          Firstly, we recommend you to use CapSense Component v7.0 for newer designs.  We do not recommend CSD component for new designs.



          You need to call CapSense_UpdateEnabledBaselines() before checking the status of the sensors using CapSense_CheckIsSensorActive.


          If you would like to know the position of touch in a matrix button you can use the API CapSense_GetMatrixButtonPos()


          But first you need to know if any sensor in the widget was touched to check for the positon of touch. For that you can use the following snippet:

          if(! CapSense_IsBusy())





                    CapSense_GetMatrixButtonPos(CapSense_MATRIXBUTTON0__MB, &position);





          If this doesn't solve your issue, connect your board to Tuner GUI and check if the rawcounts and difference counts doesn't have any issue.