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    OTA with SN8200.


      We have Sn8200 EVM module and we are using Wiced 2.4.1 version.We are working on project where OTA feature is required but application provided by wiced ota_fr is not working properply with sn8200.Please find below steps which we are following

           1. snip.ota_fr-SN8200x  OTA=waf.ota_upgrade  SFLASH=app-dct-ota-download


           Apps/waf/sflash_write/sflash_write.c:90:21: error: '__JTAG_FLASH_WRITER_DATA_BUFFER_SIZE__'

            Makefile:269: recipe for target 'sflash_image' failed'

      Is there any documents for OTA with sn8200?