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    Wifi high throughput clock not starting


      I am using murata wifi board type 1dx housing a BCM4343W chip, SDK version is 3.4.0.

      In wwd_bus_sdio_download_firmware, there is a while loop which waits for high throughput

      clock, in that case timeout occurs as follows

      if ( loop_count >= (uint32_t) HT_AVAIL_TIMEOUT_MS )


              /* If your system times out here, it means that the WLAN firmware is not booting.

               * Check that your WLAN chip matches the 'wifi_image.c' being built - in GNU toolchain, $(CHIP)

               * makefile variable must be correct.


               WPRINT_WWD_ERROR(("Timeout while waiting for high throughput clock\n"));

               /*@-unreachable@*/ /* Reachable after hitting assert */

              return WWD_TIMEOUT;



      As per the comment, it says the chip used is wrong, but we have generated image.c file from


      which is the same chip used by murata board.


      So are we missing any steps or compilation macros required