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    How do you set the channel for monitor mode?

      I try to call


        if (wwd_wifi_set_channel( WWD_STA_INTERFACE, 5 ) != WWD_SUCCESS) {



      and I get a good return status.  But when I enter monitor mode right afterwards:


        wwd_wifi_set_raw_packet_processor( process_raw_packet );

        wwd_wifi_enable_monitor_mode( );


      It appears to give me packets from all channels as if it ignored the channel that I selected.  Is it wrong to set the channel in this way, and is there a way to set it in monitor mode?



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          Hi Roger,


          The function wwd_wifi_set_channel() is for setting the channel to which the WICED device needs to operate at. It is not meant for setting the channel for monitoring.


          The monitor mode in the function wwd_wifi_enable_monitor_mode( ); is meant to scan all channels. You can see the usage of this function in WICED/internal/wiced_cooee.c. I'm afraid there is no way to enable a single channel on monitor mode.



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