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    Questions regarding modifying the BD_ADDR

      Excuse me,I was learning the blog about how to change BD_ADDR,here got some questions:

      NO.1:    In part1-1,it says that You can choose how to generate the lower 12 bits - either random or from a structured                    database  I want to set my BD_ADDR increase 1 once a time, is there any way to do so.Or just I can set the                    rand between 0 and maximum.Which means that    int(rand(20480))    and  printf "00101801%04X"    are the                  two  ways correspond to random and structure database.

      No.2:    When converting cgs file to hex file, in the example,you use eeprom to save  application, if I use series                      flash  as external memory,should I replace the btp file 20737_EEPROM.btp to 20737_SFLASH.btp,and                then  which file should I replace the MINIDRIVER uart_DISABLE_EEPROM_WP_PIN1.hex,if I use different                pin protect ,what can I do.

      NO.3:    Hex File and BD_ADDR and Descriptions in Development

                      It says that I can set  DLConfigBD_ADDRBase to the desired value.I try to use Hello_sensor for testing                        and  change the value as DLConfigBD_ADDRBase=20736A112345,after  building and making                            target,the BD_ADDR didn't change,also I have tried set the value equal to random and it didn't work too.

      Can you provide more detailed  refference book,ths. Our target is set the BD_ADDR increase 1 once a time when mass production since we have apply enough BD_ADDR from IEEE .