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    New Murata Technical Support Community is now up and running!


      I'm excited to let the Infineon developer community know that Murata’s own support community is now up and running at https://community.murata.com/s/


      The Murata Linux team (ScKe_1713761, BiCh_3977566) is now supporting all i.MX hosted wireless inquiries for Cypress based partner modules via a set of dedicated folders using various tags like "1DX" (CYW4343W), "1MW" (CYW43455), "1LV" (CYW88395), "1CX" (CYW4356), and  "1XA" (CYW54591). 


      In addition, Murata is also supporting ecosystem partners like Embedded Artists that provide comprehensive development platforms and M-2 modules which enable Cypress silicon.


      The Murata broad market support team holds regular reviews to discuss open issues, so you can be assured that your inquiry will be answered in a timely manner. 


      The attached presentation explains how to go about setting up an account on their new support platform.