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    I'm trying to properly initialize EditParams() in Visual Studio Form1.cs




      I'm trying to do some very advanced things with Component Customizers.  I'm hoping someone can help me.


      My successes

      • I have imported the WaveDAC8 component into a project. 
      • I have loaded the C# customizer code pieces into Visual Studio 2019 (VS).
      • I can see the GUI objects of the designer.cs and .resx in VS.
      • I can modify the GUI objects from VS.
      • I have modified the component customizers and can see the changes reflected in the "new" component (Customizer builds work).


      My Goals

      For all intents and purposes, I should be happy with these successes.   There are MANY things I can do at this point by modifying code in VS or Creator.

      In the future hope of creating new components and their customizers, I'd like to hook the customizer builds into the VS environment more completely.


      The next step I'm trying to achieve is to make calls to the CyCustomizer methods and properties from within VS.  This would allow two advances:

      • A VS build will allow the GUI layout to be executed in this tool.
      • If I can execute a VS compatible version of the customizer, I would have better debugging ability to correct issues that might show up in Creator after a customizer build.
        In the successes I list above, any modifications I make are very difficult to debug should exceptions occur.


      I attempted to  execute the CyCustomizer function EditParams() from the Form1.cs initialization method.  See code below.

      public partial class Form1 : Form
           public Form1()
                ICyInstEdit_v1 edit;
                ICyTerminalQuery_v1 termQuery;
                ICyExpressMgr_v1 mgr;
                CyCustomizer customizer = new CyCustomizer();
                customizer.EditParams(edit, termQuery, mgr);


      It fails because the parameters edit, termQuery and mgr are not initialized.


      What am a missing?


      Is there a better way to achieve my goals?


      Is there a way to debug the customizers in Creator with source code?


      Your help is appreciated.



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          Hello Len,


          Really like the intent, but this is something new. We have not tested or tried this beyond the scope of what the component author guide covers. So, we do not have any reference examples off the bat.


          I will check with the software team to see how we can help you with your goals.



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            Yes.  I realize this is a very advanced topic for those who want to be a component author.


            My long-term goal is to help other non-Cypress employees to be component authoring savvy along with the ability to use/modify/create sophisticated customizers.


            Given that Cypress/Infineon is moving away from the Creator and the component-style of HW definition, I'm hoping others like me who find the value in the component eco-system provided in Creator will continue adding to the libraries as well if needed to augment the current set of components.  For example: Rolf (RoNo_264271 )  and /odissey1 (BoTa_264741 ).   Given the movement to ModusToolbox, I'm assuming Cypress will put less effort in this direction.


            There is some functionality provided by Rolf (RoNo_264271 ) to provide a means to transfer Creator-created  PSoC6 UDB components into ModusToolbox.