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    BSD NetX layer initialization




      I would like to use the BSD layer port from NetX but I am not sure if I am initializing it correctly, in wiced_network.c, at the very end of wiced_ip_up function I wrote:


      static wifi_sta_bsd_thread_stack_buffer[2048];
      if (interface == WICED_STA_INTERFACE)
           bsd_initialize(&IP_HANDLE(interface), &wiced_packet_pools[0], (CHAR*)wifi_sta_bsd_thread_stack_buffer, sizeof (wifi_sta_bsd_thread_stack_buffer), 1);


      Is it okay to use the wiced_packet_pools[0] (RX) ? And is 2048 a correct size ?


      And how does this BSD later co-exists with the Wiced implementation ?