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    test - console sample test, ping test



      I have a TypeYDt Murata module.

      'console' the sample code has been tested.

      But not if the ping test.

      I have tested with the same procedure below.


      step 1. join samwoo_R&D wep key 192.168.01

                Joining : samwoo_R&D

                successfully joined : samwoo_R&D

                Setting IPv6  link-local address

                IPv4 network ready IP :


      step 2. ping

                 Ping timeout


                 Ping timeout


      step 3. status

                 WICED Version  : 3.1.2

                 Platform       : MurataTypeYD

                 MAC Address    : 90:B6:86:98:41:2D


                 STA Interface

                 MAC Address : 90:B6:86:98:41:2D

                 SSID        : samwoo_R&D

                 IP Addr     :

                 Gateway     :

                 Netmask     :

                AP Interface   : Down

                P2P Interface  : Down


      step 4. Wifi connection in the module and confirmed that AP.


      step 5. This ping should not be on the PC. ( ping )


      Why should not what ping?

      I would like to know what went wrong.