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    New TiWi-C-W Development Kit featuring Serial-to-WiFi...


      LSR's new Serial-to-WiFi API was created to dramatically simplify the process of adding a TCP or UDP socket connectivity to any embedded product. More than just a simple network processor, Serial-to-WiFi provides a connection management layer within the TiWi-C-W module that intelligently manages both WiFi and socket interfaces. This essentially means that your host microcontroller does not need to run a TCP/IP stack or any other network management software; it can simply send a 'Socket Open' command and begin communicating.


      This brief video introduces the innovative Serial-to-WiFi API for LSR’s TiWi-C-W certified WiFi module. Again, this embedded software addition to TiWi-C-W accelerates IoT development by providing a simple, easy-to-learn approach to enable socket-based WiFi communications through serial commands from your existing design's microcontroller.


      LSR Serial-to-WiFi Product Brief