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    PSoC 4100S vs PSoC 4100S Plus Capsense IP



      In an older post, it has been mentioned that capsense is more recent for PsoC 4100S Plus.


      Original comment in older post Developping CapSense trackpads with PSOC4 and 6 :


      No, PSoC 4100S and 4100S plus are different architectures and are different family of controllers. PSoC 4100S Plus has a newer CapSense IP compared to 4100S. The PSoC 4100S Plus family of devices offer larger flash memory, more peripherals, and more I/Os when compared to the PSoC 4100S. You can refer this KBA for referenece: Differences between PSoC 4100S Plus and PSoC 4100S Family of Devices - KBA222580


      I haven't been able to determine how the 2 different IPs (intellectual property?) are impacting performance of capsense for the Plus series. In the datasheets of the 2 series, the only way to compare them is with the 10-bit capsense ADC specs table, and the info is really technical. I wanted to know if the Plus series is actually significantly to be more robust, and would offer better performance, say for a CSX touchpad widget (not just in term of frequency, but in term of signal quality) than the normal 4100 Series.


      Thank you!

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          Hello JeSi_4326976


          The changes to the CapSense IP is internal and most of the functionality is abstracted so that for the end user, it is easy to port an application for the older generation to the newer one. So, you will not see any change from an application perspective but there are some architectural changes which gives the 4100S Plus an advantage in some extreme conditions. I cannot list down these changes as these are proprietary information and cannot be shared in the public forum.


          However, for your application, you can proceed with a normal 4100S device as the change is not very significant. If you have other requirements in your application such as the need for a larger flash or DMA, then you can go for 4100S Plus. Otherwise, the 4100S can be used.


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