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    PSoC Designed---CapSense



      now i use the PSoC Designed develop the CY8C20X34 capsense model ,this is i first use this IDE.

      when i build the prj ,it show:


      !E CSA_EMC.inc(19): no such mnemonic 'Wizard_was_not_called_after_place_rename_configuration_change_or_update_Open_Chip_Editor_open_Wizard_press_OK_button_and_generate_project'

      make: *** [lib/obj/csa_emc.o] Error 1

      make: *** Deleting file `lib/obj/csa_emc.o'


      CE_9_TuningCSAEMC_withCY8C20x34 - 3 error(s) 0 warning(s) 18:00:50

      what is "Wizard_press_OK_button",where can find it?


      how to do?



      Thanks & Regards-

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          Kindly select the CapSense block in the chip editor, or select it from the Workspace Explorer. It will be present in <Your Project>[Chip], then "Loadable Configurations", then <Your Project> User Modules, then the CapSense CSA_EMC User Module. Select this User Module. Right click the mouse, and you can see CSA_EMC_Wizard. Click to activate the wizard.


          Best regards,

          Sampath Selvaraj