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    Wifi firmware debug prints causing huge data logged in dmesg


      Hi ,


      I've been working on Nvidia Jetson Platform with :

      Kernel: 4.15.0-122-generic

      OS : Ubuntu 18.04


      I've followed the steps @https://community.cypress.com/community/software-forums/linux/blog/2020/02/04/fmac-debugging

      And found the WiFi driver from https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-21490 and built it.


      When we insert the module using the following command :-

      $insmod brcmfmac.ko

      without debug level, WiFi interface is not working as expected. Only when the debug level #define BRCMF_FWCON_VAL 0x00100000 is passed along with the insmod command the WiFi interface is working properly.


      But it is causing huge dmesg data logged. We have attached the dmesg logs:-  https://pastebin.com/H4U9R167


      1) Is there a solution to skip DEBUG_LEVEL specification for insmod command above or skip logging to dmesg ?

      2) Is there a updated Firmware release which eradicates Debug log printing ?


      Thanks in advance,



      Ann Rose Antony