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    FM24C64B gamma radiation tolerance?


      I’m currently designing a pcb that will be exposed to high levels of gamma radiation (used at nuclear plants).
      I have found information that  Cypress FRAM memories are ”Intrinsic gamma radiation tolerant”,
      This sounds good, but can’t find any figures about the actual radiation tolerance.


      Before implementing FM24C64B in my design , I need figures about the expected gamma radiation dose tolerance. 

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          Volatile memories, DRAM and SRAM, use a capacitor to store charge or a simple latch to store state. These cells can be upset by alpha particles, cosmic rays, heavy ions, gamma, x-rays, etc. which cause bits to flip to an opposite state to cause a soft error. Since the F-RAM cell stores the state as a PZT film(lead zirconate titanate ) polarization, a particle hit is very unlikely to cause the polarization to change a given cell’s state. You can also refer to attached document for some numbers.