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    download_fx3 sample program not working.


      I am working on porting some windows software over to ARM Linux and running into issues updating firmware on the FX3.


      Went back to the sample programs included in cyusb_linux_1.0.5/src/ and tried to use download_fx3 to load a working image to ram.

      When I run the program I get:


      $ ./download_fx3 -t RAM -i ./SlaveFifoSync.img

      Error: Vendor write to FX3 RAM failed

      Error: Failed to download data to FX3 RAM

      Error: FX3 firmware programming failed


      Dumping out the return code from the first error message I get back -9 (LIBUSB_ERROR_PIPE)


      If I send other control messages down to the existing firmware on the FX3 I get back the expected messages with no issues. So the hardware and overall library build looks good. Is there something I need to do first to prep the device to receive a new image from the above program?