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    a operating themperature of CY8C4247LTQ-L485




      I want to know a operating themperature of CY8C4247LTQ-L485.

      Q is Extended Industrial.


      But, a Q temperature of a CY8C4247LTQ-M475 is max 85℃

      Which is the Q temperature a 85℃ or a 105℃?


      Do you have the document written it?


      Thanks and Best regards.


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          Hi Glen,


          The Maximum temperature for Q is 105℃. You can find this in the datasheet for CY8C4247LTQ-L485 on the second page, right hand column.




          The datasheet has specifications for both standard and extended industrial parts. Specifications for standard industrial are noted specifically with a maximum temperature of 85℃ in the datasheet, e.g., Table 2 on page 17.


          Best regards,

          Sampath Selvaraj