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    Light Lightness status Update periodically




      Need ho know how to update the Light lightness status periodically, so that the status (i.e. LED On or off On dev board) can be seen on Mesh Lighting mobile app or through HCI port on Putty using client (i.e Switch code).


      I am using Light Lightness example code to control LED, which I could control through Mesh Lightning App or Switch example code.

      What i want to do is, I will receive an interrupt through GPIO which will turn Off the LED which was turned On though Mesh Lighting app, but when LED is off locally due to interrupt, want to get the LED off status on Mesh lighting App and then again could turn On LED through mobile app or client.


      Please Let me know which API and how its used to update the status periodically to Mesh Lighting App or Client (i.e. to Switch).


      Using WICED Studio 6.4 and Development board is CYBT-423028.

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          I believe, you can create a logic to send Light Lightness status message to the Client using mesh_light_lightness_server_send_status() function which uses wiced_bt_mesh_model_light_lightness_linear_changed() API, whenever the application wishes to notify.


          If you want to update the sensor status over mesh, you have to implement sensor model in your application. Or use a timer to periodically send mesh messages to a destination, if your application scenarios can agree to it.


          mesh_transport_send_data() API can be used to send data over HCI transport.