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    About CX3 transfer the IMX390 image data


      Hi Sir,

      I have an application to use the sensor(IMX390).

      The sensor output data format are 1936*1114@40FPS, RAW12.

      I use E-CAM to receive the DATA from CX3.



      The CX3 Descriptor as below:

          /* Class specific Uncompressed VS Frame Descriptor 1 - 1080p */

          0x1E,                               /* Descriptor size */

          CX3_CS_INTRFC_DESCR,                /* Descriptor type*/

          0x05,                               /* Subtype:  frame interface*/

          0x01,                               /* Frame Descriptor Index: 1 */

          0x00,                               /* No Still image capture method supported */

          0xAC,0x05,                          /* Width in pixel:  1452 */

          0x58,0x04,                          /* Height in pixel: 1112 */

          0x00,0xD0,0x97,0x3D,                /* Min bit rate (bits/s): 1452 x 1112 x No Of Bits per Pixel x FrameRate = 1033359360  */

          0x00,0xD0,0x97,0x3D,                /* Max bit rate (bits/s): Fixed rate so same as Min */

          0x40,0x46,0x31,0x00,                /* Maximum video or still frame size in bytes(Deprecated): 1452 x 1112 x 2 */

          0x90,0xD0,0x03,0x00,                /* Default frame interval (in 100ns units): (1/40)x10^7 */

          0x01,                               /* Frame interval type : No of discrete intervals */

          0x90,0xD0,0x03,0x00,                /* Frame interval 3: Same as Default frame interval */


      The E-CAM Resolution is 1452*1112@40FPS, UYVY this parameter can see the image on E-CAM,

      if I use the 1452*1114@40FPS, UYVY the E-CAM show the black frame.


      Q1: Is the IP(MIPI-CSI2) of CX3 has a filter to drop the line with some data type?

             Please reference the attachment files to check the data type and frame architecture.





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