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    Replace between AM29LV160DB70WCI and S29AL016J70BFI020


      Hello !,

      I have an old AMD parallel nor Flash that CYPRESS has acquired and it was declared EOL. the p/n is: AM29LV160DB70WCI.

      Today CYPRESS recommending S29AL016J70BFI020 as replacement but in the midterm, CYPRESS has produced the S29AL016D70BFI022 which is no longer in production as well.

      the main different between AM29LV160DB70WCI and the midterm S29AL016D70BFI022 was the autoselect code with A3 to A2.

      this different kept also when CYPRESS has migrated to S29AL016J70BFI020 which also has WP#  in pin B3 as an additional H/W feature.

      We tried to replace between the original item AM29LV160DB70WCI and the S29AL016J70BFI020 and it failed. we are using online programing (not with programing equipment) through the BUS.

      My question for CYPRESS NOR flash experts is what are the requirements in the F/W that has to be done in order to program the new device compare to the previous item.

      for example:

      1. Will it require a sector unprotection word/byte prior to write command in order to enable the write command ?

      2. according to the data sheet the NOR Flash shipping is with unprotect flag. is it possible that the device (S29AL016J70BFI020) are protected by CYPRESS and we don't recognize it ?

      3. pin B3 is not connected. since it has an internal pull-up it is enabled permanently. I assuming that this is not the issue.

      4. What else could be the problem ? do you have a white paper to advise this migration ?


      Thanks !

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          Please find the answer for your queries below.


          1. Yes, it is required to unprotect a sector before performing a program or erase operation on a particular sector. Sector group protection feature disables both program and erase operations in any sector group.

          2. We ship devices with all sector groups unprotected.

          3. WP# pin has an internal pull up. When unconnected WP# pin will be at VIH level. It will not cause any program errors.


          Could you please provide more details about this issue?

          1. Please let us know the steps that you follow to recreate this issue in detail. How are you confirming that program operation has failed?

          2. As per my understanding, you are facing issue with programming operation. Are you able to erase and read data from flash?

          3. Ball B3 of the older device is NC (No Connect). Have you routed any other signal to this pin?


          Thanks and Regards,


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            Thank you Sudheesh, for your quick advise. i will check and return to you.