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    FRAM_FM24V10-G_Software reset




      MB85RC1MT have a software reset sequence.

      I understand that FM24V10-G does not require a software reset, but can I apply the same sequence?


      I've already implemented software reset sequence based on MB85RC1MT,

      so my expectation is can operate FM24V10G with the same Host (sequence).



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          Hi Shohei-san,


          We have not tested the software sequence of Fujitsu FRAM on our device. We cannot guarantee that this software reset will work or not. It may work or it may not work but we cannot be certain of it until we test it. Have you implemented on our FRAM device? Do you have any observations to share?


          One more point which we will like to add is that for a FRAM chip there is not much utility for for a software reset. If a I2C communication failure is there which will be indicated by a NACK you can stop and start again or give a restart.