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    2020 NOV KBA Translation Candidate list


      Hi, Community contributors


      Below is new KBA candidate list uploaded on 2020 Nov.


      After checking KBA is already posted or not, would you pick new KBA - and create new Thread to acclaim your work?

      Below list provide link / title and # of words.


      For KBA222273, 224451, - Please acclaim and wait till I provide the initial version of translation.


      Mark color Green - > Means already taken to work


      KBALinkword #Note
      Differential Clock Requirements for HyperBus™ Products – KBA219878https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10439307
      NOR Flash FAQs - KBA222273https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-143133655Will provide initial version, please wait to provide
      USB-Serial: Reset Pin Configuration – KBA89375https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10989123Acclaimed
      Sector Address Map of S70FS01GS - KBA219111https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-9251294
      Block Protection Configuration on FL-S and FS-S NOR Flash – KBA224451https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-158721415

      Will provide initial version,

      please wait to provide

      Using a single-ended reference input with CY2Dx15xx high performance buffer deviceshttps://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-12387127Acclaimed
      Input Jitter Requirements for 65 nm QDRII/II+/DDRII/II+ Device Family - KBA84380https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-9399585Acclaimed
      Erase, Program, and Verify Time for S25FL128S, S25FL256S and S25FL512S with 3.0V VIO - KBA219576https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10442360
      F2MC-16LX How to use well the sector protecting functionhttps://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10160156Acclaimed
      VCCIO/VDDD Power Domain of USB-Serial Controllers – KBA89413https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10990159Acclaimed
      Using USB-Serial Bridge Controllers in Systems Having Multiple Power Supplies – KBA92883https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10847311Acclaimed
      USB-Serial: I2C Lines Pull-Up Resistor – KBA89374https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-1100176Acclaimed
      F2MC-16LX Flash serial writinghttps://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10644154Acclaimed
      Writing Flash Memory in FR Family FR81S MCUs - KBA218673https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10481116Acclaimed
      F2MC-16LX Flash securityhttps://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10651189Acclaimed



      If you have any question, please let me know b y reply, or email (Jenna.Jo@infineon.com)