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    CYW4343 Exemple for P2P


      Hi everyone,


      I need to transfer large file from an android phone to my module. I would like to use the P2P connection, but I cannot find any example to help me. Do you have any examples or suggestion to accomplish this task. A simple starting point could be verry helpful.



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          What is the OS that 43438 is working with ?

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            I'm using the Sterling-EWB from Laird (STM32F412 Cortex M4) with Android 8 phone but should not depend on the phone. I try the console app P2P function yesterday and manage to connect the phone. Now I need to create my own project. Once I manage the connection, I have no clue on wich protocole to use for transfering the data. Any help would be appreciate. 

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                 From my thinking , the P2P function are divided into three steps:

              1.  P2P connection create ,  Wiced should support well already .

              2.  create TCP or UDP socket based on WICED_P2P_Interface , which is used on file transfer.

                   I can't find memo or code example , so no experience on it .

              3.  compatible with other P2P devices like Android phone, Windows.


                   We should already support TCP socket built up with WICED_STA, WICED AP interface,  not sure if P2P interface can work well because

              no experience can be referenced.