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    About GPIO of CY7C65634




      We are considering using CY7C65634 as a USB2.0-HUB design.

      It is stated on the manufacturer's site that GPIO can be used as an I / O option for CY7C65634, but which pin can be used as GPIO? And how do you set them up to use those pins?

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          HX2VL can be configured with custom settings using GPIOs or an external EEPROM. If the GPIOs are not used for configuration as input pins, they can be used as different status indicators as output pins. However, please note that you cant program the GPIOs for your custom used since HX2VL is a fixed firmware part.

          Please refer to the pin definitions on Pages 11-13 in the datasheet for the GPIO definitions in input and output modes. For e.g. Pin 45 can be a driver output for Green LED or be used as SPI Clock to access external SPI EEPROM or used to set Port1 as non removable port.


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            Thank you for your reply.



            In other words, it is not possible to "drive the transistor arbitrarily using the GPIO function of CY7C65634". I understood it well.



            Let me ask you another related question.



            The CY7C65634 has I2C / SPI functionality. Is this just a function for connecting to EEPROM?


            For example, is it possible to connect the CY7C65634 and an I / O expander driven by I2C and operate the expander from the host side via the CY7C65634?

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              Yes, the I2C/SPI functionality is only for reading the configuration from the EEPROM on bootup.

              Even if you connect an I/O expander on the I2C lines, please note that the hub wont be programmed to handle the requests from the host for generic I2C read or writes and will only perform read from the fixed EEPROM I2C address.


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                thanks for your response.I marked my question as resolved.