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    S26KL512S Xip




      Can we use this memory (S26KL512S) in Xip (execute in Place) mode ?


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          Thank you for contacting Cypress Community.


          The XIP feature depends on the SoC which needs to support this feature.

          In general, a page is being fetched from the HyperFlash in one read operation and that page contains code instructions to be executed. The HyperFlash read latencies are low enough to allow for code execution in place (XIP) mode. Our flash is always acting in slave mode.

          However, unlike SPI flash devices, in HyperFlash we don't have that special read mode that allows skipping the command. The controller will have to issue normal read operations to fetch its code.

          So in a nutshell, it's up to the controller to control the whole situation. No special handling on the Flash side.


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            thank you for your answers.

            but i have another question.
            in Xip mode, can we write data storage to the same flash and also write to the internal flash of the microcontroller?


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              Actually your query is not clear to me.

              Are you asking whether you can use the HyperFlash to store the code and data both? If yes, then I would like to confirm that yes, the HyperFlash can be used to store both code and data.

              If you have the same question about the internal memory of the microcontroller, then I would suggest you to contact the microcontroller company and try to get a clarification on that from them.




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                thank you for the answers, the answer is clear.

                I contact microcontroller company for others questions


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