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    Cannot use CyU3PGpifLoad(&CyFxGpifConfig) API in EZ USB Suite SDK version 1.3.1




      I am trying to port a CX3 based project from SDK version 1.3.3 to 1.3.1. In SDK version 1.3.3 I am using a separate GPIF header file (cycx3gpifwaveform.h) and loading the GPIF configuration using CyU3PGpifLoad(&CyFxGpifConfig) for my project, which works fine. But if I try to do the same in SDK version 1.3.1 CyU3PGpifLoad(&CyFxGpifConfig) API call fails with CY_U3P_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED error. Please guide us to solve this issue.


      Thanks in advance,

      Vignesh Kumar R.