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    Production programming PSoC6 for DFU both bootloader and app1 at the same time


      We have a successful product launched using the PSoC 6 CYBLE-416045-02 module (bluetooth).  We have the DFU working and can also update the app0 application using our own phone apps or CySmart.  Our product is now in full production and I can't figure out how to program both the bootloader and the app0 at the same time.  Right now, I can upload the bootloader through the MiniProg3/4 interfaces connected to a set of pogo pins in our fixture and then OTA the app0 via the ".cyacd2" generated file through CySmart, but that doesn't work when you are building 1000+ at a time from a productivity standpoint.


      I am unable to figure out how to flash both the bootloader and app0 at the same time using the MiniProg3/4.  Is there a trick to combining both the files into one and then use PSoC Programmer utility to flash them directly while in our assembly fixture through the MiniProg3/4 interface?