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    PSoC5LP : PICU interrupt in Hibernate mode


      Dear Sirs and Madams,


      Please tell us about PICU interrupts.


      When the PICU interrupt was in the pending state just before entering hibernate mode,

      If you enter hibernate mode in that state, interrupts are enabled, so I think that you will exit hibernate mode and shift to active mode.

      Is the above understanding correct?


      According to register TRM, the CYREG_PICUx_INTSTAT register is "Read to Clear".


      At this time, if the "CYREG_PICUx_INTSTAT" register is read and the contents of the register are cleared before entering hibernation,

      will the pending state of the interrupt be cleared and will it stay in hibernate mode?

      ("x" is the port number to interrupt the PICU)


      Or will it stay in hibernate mode if the interrupt factor pending with CYREG_NVIC_CLRPEND0 is cleared?


      The reason for the above question is that the system uses RTOS and does not use the PSoC API as it is for enabling and disabling interrupts.

      Therefore, We are asking the above questions.