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    CY4500 driver


      Hello, using an old CY4500 on a new PC, 2020-11-03:

      • Download and install CY4500 software from website, dated 2020-10-09
      • Plug in CY4500
      • Error, drivers not installed
      • Read quick start, it says to look for drivers in the install directory
      • No drivers are in install directory
      • No old versions of CY4500 software are available on the website


      Any idea how to make this work?




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          Hi ,


          May I know what's OS on your computer?


          I have installed the latest CY4500 software from website, dated 2020-10-09 from website. There are two notebook on my end:

          ThinkPad with Windows 7 professional.

          Hp with Windows 10 professional.


          Both of them can working well and without any additional driver install. The driver for latest GUI of CY4500 is bonding driver of windows IOS.


          Best Regards,


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            Windows 10 Pro 20H2


            I found an old copy of the CY4500 software which installed the drivers corresponding to its version. The recent version of the CY4500 software was then able to update firmware and it works.


            However it is great to know the driver is just WinUSB.