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    FX2LP18 Reset during GPIF Configurations




      I'm testing the new USB Bridge board FX2LP18 based. We do not have the FPGA board yet to connect it onto. This if the final usage of this FX2LP18 USB Bridge board (download and communicate with a FPGA and also communcate with several I2C components).

      On the board we have a MICTOR connector to connect Agilent Logic Analyzer with 16bits DATA BUS and CTRLs (IFCLK etc), SCL and SDA.


      I notived that if the probes (E5346A) are plugged (to analyze the DATA/CTRL GPIF traffic), then the FX2LP18 resets during a GPIF exchange (Windows Sound and Device return to be a "No EEPROM Device").

      It does not Reset if i do not plug the probes. And the GPIF datas is correctly sent to the DATA/CTRL bus.


      The E5346A probes have termination like this :


      I suspect an analog issue (overconsummtion ?) but unable to see any RESET low pulse or VCC drop.


      I tried to lower the GPIF freq => 48MHZ downto 30MHZ. It seems better. No RESET occurs. But this is not a valuable solution cause we lost in performance.


      Can i monitor something else to see what's the source of the RESET ? Is it possible to retrieve it in the firmware for instance using a FX2LP18 register ?