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    Expanding PDM channel count & frequency


      The question is almost the same as in this other thread, but some moderator just blocked it and he said to me to open a new thread..., since I have to open a new thread, I will extend my question.


      I'm trying to get ultrasonic sounds using SPH0641LU4H-1, according to the thread above linked, just changing the SINC_RATE parameter does the job, but I could not find the SINC_RATE parameter either in PCM_PDM example in ModusToolbox or PSoC creator. So...


      1.- Where can I find this parameter?

      2.- Which are the ranges of this parameter?

      3.- Which PSoC 6 can I use to get ultrasonic sound from a PDM microphone since some of them seem limited at 24.000Hz?



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          The SINC_RATE is linked to decimation rate.


          In PSoC Creator, double click in the PDM/PCM component and go to:

          Timing > Sinc Decimation Rate

          It is calculated as Rate = 2 x SINC_RATE


          In ModusToolbox, open the design.modus and go to:

          Digital > PDM-PCM Converter > Timing > Sinc Decimation Rate

          It is also calculated as Rate = 2 x SINC_RATE.


          If you are using PDM/PCM HAL, there is a variable in the cyhal_pdm_pcm_cfg_t called decimation_rate.

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