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    Issues with BT on Module Murata 1MW


      Hi All,


      I have some issue to enable the BT unit of Murata 1MW. Below is a description about my system:



      We are using a own module with the CPU i.MX8M Mini from NXP, there we have connected the WIFI/BT Module Murata LBEE5HY1MW. We have connected the WIFI via SDIO and BT via UART.


      We are using Yocto (imx-linux-zeus) from NXP with kernel Version 5.4.24-2.1.0. We have add meta-murata-layer in version “imx-zeus-gamera_r1.0”.


      We have followed the steps from document “Murata Wi-Fi/BT Solution for i.MX Quick Start Guide (Linux)” to setup the WIFI and BT. WIFI does work without any errors, but we have issues with BT unit. We get some error while flashing the firmware. I don´t know why this error occur and how to fix it. In attachment you find the log file when I´m trying to enable the BT unit.


      Any idea what´s going wrong?


      best regards,


      Patrick Jakob

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          Could you provide the dmesg log as well?

          Also you could checkout the following blog if it helps?


          Running  BlueZ on CY Part




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            in attachment you find the whole debug log. Below are the necessary device-tree parts.




            modem_reset: modem-reset {

            compatible = "gpio-reset";

            reset-gpios = <&gpio1 0 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;

            reset-delay-us = <2000>;

            reset-post-delay-ms = <40>;

            #reset-cells = <0>;



            &uart3 {

            pinctrl-names = "default";

            pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_uart3>;

            assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MM_CLK_UART3>;

            assigned-clock-parents = <&clk IMX8MM_SYS_PLL1_80M>;

            resets = <&modem_reset>;


            status = "okay";



            pinctrl_uart3: uart3grp {

            fsl,pins = <

            MX8MM_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART3_DCE_RX 0x00140

            MX8MM_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART3_DCE_TX 0x00140

            MX8MM_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_UART3_DCE_CTS_B 0x00140

            MX8MM_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_UART3_DCE_RTS_B 0x00140

            /* BT_REG_EN */

            MX8MM_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_GPIO1_IO0 0x00019






            Bluez is available in my system.


            best regards,


            Patrick Jakob